Hi, my name is Scott. I am the founder of MarketmyCO.

Since 2018, we've been helping small business owners use software to better manage their businesses. Today, we have a team of 18 (and growing :)

Over the years, we have grown particularly interested in how appointment based business owners use technology to manage their sales process. During this time, we've worked with hundreds of these types of businesses (general contractors, plumbers, business coaches, caterers, non-profits, gym owners, short-term rental owners, property managers, co-hosts, etc).

In 2022, we landed Grant Cardone as a client.

In 2023, we partnered with Bill Faeth of Build STR Wealth to bring a customized marketing software solution to Short Term Rental owners called MarketmySTR.com.

Then, in November 2023, we put the finishing touches on and launched our customized CRM for appointment-based business owners + 3-Step Secret Formula for simplifying your entire sales process so you can save time, save money, manage your entire sales process in 3 steps, never let leads fall through the cracks again, manage your 5 most important marketing activities, convert prospects like clockwork, and maximize the ROI on every single prospect...all in one place.




Chief Relationship Officer

members of our team...

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